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Here you will find free worksheets and resources for the healing journey after spiritual trauma and abuse.

Episode 2. The Healing Power of Creativity

Episode 2. The Healing Power of Creativity

Cover Artwork by Jennifer Price Davis, Greenery, July 2019, 30x48”, Mixed Media.

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In this episode, we talk about Healing Trauma and Meeting with Grief through the Path of Creativity with artist Jennifer Price Davis and Creative Grief Educator and heARTist Kara LC Jones.

 We explore what grief is, how it shows up for us, and how to navigate our complex and layered relationship with it through creative expression, wholing and heARTmaking.

Find the work of Kara LC Jones here.

Find the work of Jennifer Price Davis here and more on Grief Camp here.

To see the line drawing exercises I reference have a look here @jacquelyntierney

A note on “Blessed be”…I have carried Briana Saussy + Cassandra Oswald’s Daily Blessing cards throughout my healing journey…they are reminders that pain can be blessed and that beauty can come from the ‘broken’ places…find these cards here.

Episode 1. Welcome + Defining Abuse.

Episode 1. Welcome + Defining Abuse.